Service Technician

Job Description

The Service Technician’s responsibility is to investigate and repair defects that are contributing to leaks in a building. The technician learns the industry standard methods for repairing all roof systems. The technician will typically work in a two-man crew, performing emergency leak calls, proposing repairs, and conducting preventive maintenance. The technician must be able to communicate efficiently to the Lead Service Technician.


The Service Technician is responsible for the following:

  • Following safety procedures
  • Investigating and reporting leaks
  • Repairing roofs in accordance with industry standards
  • Learning from the Lead Service Technician

Job requirements:

  • Willing to work toward the company’s goals of quality, teamwork, integrity, professionalism, and service
  • Respectful
  • Desire to learn the roofing and service processes
  • Good communication skills

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