5 Commercial Roofing Preventative Maintenance Tips for Property Managers

Kathleen Maxwell | June 1, 2021


While commercial roofs are often a huge investment, they are an often neglected part of a building. Roofing issues are not always obvious to those who occupy a building, which can result in the roof being overlooked for ongoing maintenance and repairs. 

However, property managers who make preventative roof maintenance a regular part of their schedules will see benefits for their buildings over the long-term. Here are our best tips for easy preventative roof maintenance for property managers:

5 Tips for Preventative Roof Maintenance for Property Managers

1. Get regular professional inspections.

Of all our tips, this one might be the most important. Roof maintenance is a job for a team, not just the property manager. Every property should have a dedicated roofing company to perform regular inspections and uncover hidden problems. Professional roofers have tools like infrared imaging cameras and drones that can detect damage unseen by the naked eye. They also have the experience to know what kind of maintenance a roof needs and when it needs it.

2. Keep an eye out for open points on the roof, where water can infiltrate the system.

Moisture is the single biggest troublemaker for commercial roofs. Water that gets under the roof’s waterproof membrane can cause leaks or even damage the structural integrity of the building. The best way to prevent one of these disasters is for property managers to have the roof regularly checked for moisture. Equipment, such as HVAC units, along with rooftop penetrations, like skylights, can allow for water infiltration if not properly sealed, so these areas should also be inspected regularly to make sure no moisture is gathering and causing issues.

3. Monitor who can access the roof.

Unless they are specially reinforced, commercial roofs are not built to be walked on. Allowing workers, tenants, or employees regular access to the roof can cause unseen damage. While there are times that a property manager or a work crew will need rooftop access, that access should be carefully managed. Property managers should not allow people on the rooftop without permission for each instance.

4. Don’t underestimate the importance of cleaning.

Roofs may not need to look nice for anyone, but allowing them to get too dirty can lead to maintenance problems. Dirt, water, and grime can build up and cause damage to a roof. Build-up on a roof also makes it difficult to spot deficiencies and make proper repairs. Debris from trees or other things following a storm can also block drains or puncture holes in the roof if left alone. 

5. Plan for seasonal shifts.

Roofs are exposed to the elements all day, every day and need to be prepped for shifts in the seasons. Before a possible freeze, property managers need to clear commercial roofs of water to prevent ice from forming and blocking drains or warping the roof membrane. Property managers should also check drainage points before seasonal rainfalls begin.

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