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Client Spotlight: SFM

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Employee Spotlight: Jonathan Costello

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Bank of America - Downtown

26,000 SQFT

Project Manager, Keith Stiles, completed the 21-story reroof of the BoA in 2014.

Roof Manufacturer: John Manville

Roof System: PVC - Adhered

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Bank of America - Downtown

Body In Balance

6,000 SQFT

Completed in 2010, Body In Balance installed a Photovoltaic [PV] System on their building overtop of a Maxwell Roofing roof system. This has saved the building owner an exponential amount of money on energy bills.

Roof Manufacturer: Firestone

Roof System: 60-Mil TPO – Mechanically Fastened

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Body In Balance

Currey Ingram Student Center

28,000 SQFT

Completed in 2013, the Currey Ingram Student Center is the largest slate project in Williamson County.

Roof Manufacturer: Vermont Slate

Roof System: Slate Shingles

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Currey Ingram Student Center

Loews Vanderbilt Hotel Ballroom

23,800 SQFT

Completed in 2016, the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel Ballroom was fitted with a modified bitumen roof system.

Roof Manufacturer: Siplast

Roof System: Modified Bitumen

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Loews Vanderbilt Hotel Ballroom

MAXCare is a plan to maximize the life of your roof.

By regularly maintaining and documenting all maintenance and preparing for future maintenance, MAXCare allows you to retain your manufacturer's warranty, budget for repairs and replacement, and prevents unnecessary damage. MAXCare goes beyond traditional maintenance programs to inform you about conditions on your roofs and the estimated remaining service life of your roofs.

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