Thompson Nashville

Offering extraordinary views of Nashville’s city skyline, the L.A. Jackson rooftop bar lets guests at the Thompson Nashville Hotel sip cocktails in style. The hotel features two terraces, a rooftop bar at the twelfth floor, and a terrace at the second floor.

Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc. worked closely with the hotel on this 25,000 square-foot project to ensure the bar would have a customized and fashionable look, while still maintaining the structural integrity and durability that Maxwell roofs are known for. The rooftop bar was completed in October 2016.

Completion Date

October 12, 2016

Project Duration

15 Months

Project Type

New Construction

Square Footage

25,000 sq. ft.

Roof Type

PVC - Adhered



Ranked one of the best rooftop bars in Nashville

Because the L.A. Jackson rooftop is meant to accommodate a large amount of foot traffic, Maxwell roofers decided to create a fully-adhered rooftop system. At the terrace, the PVC roof is covered with concrete pavers on pedestals, providing an attractive walking surface. Though much more complex than other forms of roof attachments, fully adhered roofs are less prone to leaks and have more aesthetic appeal. Maxwell’s expertise in these types of roofs allowed for the L.A. Jackson to have the support it needed for big equipment and lively dance parties, while still accommodating top-quality design.

Additional Project Info:

With guidance from Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc., the L.A. Jackson bar designers were able to create glass barriers along the roof’s edge. This keeps guests safe and protects the roof, while still offering incredible views of the Nashville skyline and making L.A. Jackson one of the top rooftop bars in all of Music City.

“Our experience with Maxwell Roofing on the Thompson Hotel was very professional. Both Dan Maxwell and David Maxwell were very responsive to JE Dunn’s request in planning the project. Challenges came up during construction with coordination of other trade partners’ materials, and Maxwell Roofing worked through all issues as a team. We look forward to soon connecting with Maxwell Roofing again on another roofing opportunity.”

— Will Gamble, JE Dunn Construction

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