How to Explain the Need for Preventative Roof Maintenance to Your Boss

Kathleen Maxwell | February 15, 2022

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When there’s a giant hole in the roof, it’s pretty easy for a facilities manager to convince their boss of a need for a repair. However, it’s a lot harder to explain the money needed to prevent the hole from getting there in the first place. Facility managers know how crucial preventative maintenance is to the health of a building, but it can take convincing for those with their hands on the actual purse strings. Here are a few ways that facility managers can explain the need for preventative roof maintenance to their boss.

Explain what preventative maintenance is.

Most people that don’t manage buildings may not understand what those buildings need to function. For them, the cost of a building is just the money paid during construction and then again for replacement. Facility managers should explain that maintenance is what assists a building from failing prematurely.

Show how complex roof systems are.

Commercial roofs aren’t something that most business managers spend much time thinking about. Most people don’t realize how much a roof system does — from protecting the building from interior damage to housing important equipment. Facility managers can show their bosses what catastrophic roof failure means for the whole building and why it’s so critical to care properly for the roof.

Talk about roof longevity.

The expected lifespan of a commercial roof is a projection based on proper maintenance. Poorly maintained roofs do not typically last their expected life span. If a building owner wants to avoid a premature roof replacement, regular roof maintenance is the way to go! 

Lay out the cost savings!

The absolute best way to plan and budget for roof maintenance is to show how much it will save the company in the long run. Preventative maintenance keeps small problems from turning into big, expensive catastrophes. Over time, investing in roof maintenance will save building owners both money and stress in avoiding more serious problems. 

Are you ready to set up a preventative maintenance schedule?

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