Top Rooftop Preventative Maintenance Questions for Building Owners

Kathleen Maxwell | May 14, 2021


All building owners know that commercial roof preventative maintenance is important for preventing roof problems, but getting started with roofing maintenance can be confusing for many. There are a few important rooftop preventative maintenance questions for building owners to ask their roofing contractor early on in their relationship. 

These questions are designed to help building owners learn the basics of maintaining their roofs, and the answers will vary based on the building’s roof system.

1. What is the expected service life of my roof?

Each type of commercial roof has an expected lifespan range based on certain building factors and the climate. The goal of any building owner is for their roof to last for its anticipated lifespan. While weather events can sometimes cause roof leaks that need emergency repairs and impact the lifespan of a roof, the best indicator is how well a roof is maintained and cared for over the long-term.

2. How often does my roof need maintenance?

Every type of commercial roof will need to undergo regular inspections and routine repairs. During a roof inspection, a roofing contractor will perform a survey for roof damage. After the inspection, they may need to repair the roof or schedule routine maintenance like refreshing sealants or reinforcing weak parts of the roof. These inspections will prevent damage to the roof over time and help the roof last for its expected service life.

3. What are the specific risks to my roof?

Every building engineer works to reduce weaknesses in a building, but there are always risks with certain types of structures. Roofs are vulnerable to damage from moisture, debris, and weight exerted on the roof. HVAC systems are often put on commercial buildings, and the areas surrounding HVAC units can be at risk of moisture pooling. Rooftop penetrations, like vents or skylights for energy efficiency, can also present risks to a roof’s waterproofing. Knowing where a roof is vulnerable gives building owners a chance to give those areas extra attention.

4. What can my property manager do?

Commercial building owners almost always have someone who handles their facility management, and it can be tempting to simply delegate roof maintenance to this department. But, while many facility managers can handle simple roof inspections and some maintenance, a roofing contractor should always be involved in the long-term maintenance plan.

5. Who can I call in an emergency?

Many roofing contractors have a service department that helps customers during a roofing emergency. Building owners should check with their contractors to see if they offer this service. All building owners need a plan and a company they can trust in the event of a leak or some other type of roofing emergency.

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