Job Description

Roofers are responsible for performing physical tasks for the company’s construction department. These tasks may include removing roofing systems or constructing new roofs and installing sheet metal. Roofers may also need to work with insulation, flashings, or other roofing materials. Every laborer works with a diverse group of people in different disciplines both inside and outside the company. Roofers usually work on a crew of four to eight other workers. Roofers should be reliable team members who can be counted on to advance the progress of roofing projects.


The roofer is responsible for the following:

  • Daily, punctual attendance at work sites
  • Working at heights. This may involve climbing ladders, scaffolds and stairs, or riding lifts
  • Conducting physical work while exposed to ambient weather conditions
  • Following instructions from the foreman
  • Properly using power tools at the work site
  • Properly using personal protective equipment including hard hats, safety glasses, and body harnesses
  • Meeting project safety requirements
  • Learning new skills, methods, and procedures as the demands of the industry change
  • Becoming knowledgeable of the materials used for roofing and able to select appropriate material for the job
  • Providing instruction and training to less experienced roofers as needed

Job requirements:

  • Willing to work toward the company’s goals of quality, teamwork, integrity, professionalism, and service
  • Driven and responsible
  • Disciplined and determined
  • Respectful
  • Willing to learn more about the trade and industry

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