4 Ways Maxwell Monitors Relieves Stress for Facility Managers

Kathleen Maxwell | January 5, 2021


Facilities managers are the unsung heroes of any business. They are the ones who keep the lights on and the equipment running, reducing stress for everyone who works in the building. However, because facility managers operate behind the scenes, their workload can stack up without anyone else at the company even realizing it. 

Creating a stress-free work environment often starts with the building and facilities managers. Fortunately, we at Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc. launched Maxwell Monitors to help reduce stress for facilities managers and keep buildings safe for all employees. Under this new initiative, the Maxwell team will watch over the routine maintenance tasks in a building, so that facilities managers can stay focused on the more important elements of their job. 

Here are a few ways Maxwell Monitors eliminates the source of stress for facilities managers:

1. Maxwell Monitors helps you reduce your workload.

 Routine maintenance is a never ending, time-consuming task. Buildings need constant attention and care, even when there is other work to be done. Maxwell Monitors can eliminate this source of stress for facilities managers by taking over some of the basic, routine aspects of caring for a building.

2. Maxwell Monitors helps you keep your buildings in good shape.

For busy facilities managers, building maintenance and monitoring are often the things that get pushed aside for more urgent tasks. Over time, however, minor forgotten tasks can become big catastrophic problems. Maxwell Monitors can stop the effects of stress on a facilities manager from becoming a problem for an entire building by ensuring that routine maintenance continues even when other issues arise. 

3. Maxwell Monitors helps you create a plan of action.

Maxwell Monitors can be scaled to suit a company’s various needs, ultimately reducing building management stress. The program can accommodate anything from full-service monitoring to simply creating a tailored monthly maintenance checklist for your company’s facility management software. Maxwell Monitors can help any business create a plan of action to keep their building maintained and functioning.

4. Maxwell Monitors helps you get back to basics.

Maxwell Monitors was designed to keep your building and business functioning, no matter what circumstances arise. By handing off basic building monitoring and maintenance to the experts at Maxwell your facilities manager can get back to the core of their job.

 If you’re ready to plan or implement Maxwell Monitors into your roofing goals this year, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re equipped and ready to help!

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