5 Reasons Why Industrial Roof Maintenance is Crucial

Kathleen Maxwell | September 21, 2021

industrial roof plant.

Roofs on industrial buildings must hold up under tough conditions. These roofs may be heavily used, exposed to high temperatures or be exposed to hazards from heavy machinery.

Because industrial roofs face more threats than roofs on any other type of building, roof maintenance is crucial for keeping the roof in a functioning state. Here are some of the major reasons why roof maintenance is so important for industrial buildings.

1. Industrial roofs are frequently under threat.

All commercial roofs face threats to their stability and functionality from weather events or normal wear and tear, but manufacturing and industrial work can cause roofs to deteriorate quicker than on a different type of building that has little foot traffic, few penetrations, or few rooftop equipment pieces on the roof. Preventative maintenance assists with ensuring the roof is in water-tight condition, discovering small deficiencies before they become large issues in order for the roof to last its expected lifespan.

2. Preventative maintenance can help with spotting red flags.

Without regular inspections, roof damage can go unnoticed and develop into serious (and expensive) problems. With all the activity occurring within industrial buildings, a roof can easily get damaged without anyone seeing it. Scheduling regular maintenance gives a professional roofer an opportunity to spot developing damage and stop it before it becomes too serious.

3. Roof maintenance can help protect your investments.

A roof is a building investment, and regular maintenance can protect it and make it last longer. But beyond protecting the roof itself, preventative maintenance also helps protect the interior from the ceiling to the floor. When a roof leak occurs, it can oftentimes result in more clean-up than just the roof, such as damaging equipment or merchandise inside the building

4. Keep rooftop equipment functioning properly.

Moisture, debris, and other problems on the roof can interfere with rooftop equipment like HVAC units. This equipment is often critical to the proper functioning of industrial equipment. Scheduling regular inspections, cleanings, and repairs can help keep roofs clear of material that may damage this type of equipment.

5. Preventative maintenance helps protect workers.

Many industrial buildings have rooftop equipment that workers must access. Roof debris or damage on a roof can put workers in danger of a slip or fall, or possibly extensive damage to the roof system itself. Preventing damage with strict maintenance keeps buildings safe for workers on the roof and inside the building. 

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