5 Ways In-House Sheet Metal Fabrication Benefits General Contractors

Kathleen Maxwell | January 12, 2021


General contracting requires managing the hundreds of small tasks and complex projects required for constructing a new building. It’s a tough job, but general contractors can make their lives a bit easier by using a few trusted subcontractors. 

Working alongside a full-service roofing company with access to in-house sheet metal fabrication takes a huge burden off the general contractor by streamlining the commercial roof construction process. Here are five key benefits general contractors can experience by working with a commercial roofing partner that has in-house fabrication services.

1. Eliminate the middleman.

Since most commercial roofs contain some form of sheet metal, roofing contractors without their own fabrication processes must find a sheet metal fabricator to produce the material for them, adding even decision-makers to what is likely an already crowded construction project. Using a roofing company with in-house fabrication can eliminate the middleman so that general contractors have fewer variables to worry about.

2. Maintain more control.

Third-party sheet metal fabricators usually mass produce their product for multiple customers. Roofing companies with a house sheet metal shop create a high-quality product tailored specifically to the needs of the customer. Roofing companies that produce sheet metal in-house often carry specialty materials for projects with elaborate designs or for creating energy-efficient roofs. Sheet metal produced in-house is the best way for a general contractor to maintain more control of the design of their roof, helping to ensure they get exactly what their project demands. 

3. Save time and money.

Getting sheet metal produced in-house is all about streamlining the roofing process. Working directly with a roofer for your sheet metal needs eliminates surprise supply-chain issues, preventing delays. In-house fabrication also saves money by cutting out a third-party sheet metal fabricator.

4. Get the very best quality of sheet metal products.

Roofing companies only fabricate high-quality sheet metal that works best on commercial roofs. Third-party sheet metal fabricators produce sheet metal for all kinds of products, and it may not always suit the needs of a commercial roof.

5. Work with partners you trust.

A desire for any general contractor is to find a commercial roofing company they can trust with the best installation technicians and customer service. There are multiple variables in construction, and choosing a trusted roofing partner that also fabricates its own sheet metal ensures that one more step in the building process is reliable. 

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