5 Ways Your Commercial Roof Can Save Energy Costs

Kathleen Maxwell | April 6, 2021

Aerial view of warehouse rooftops.

With their large air conditioning systems, commercial buildings can often rack up high energy bills. But, there are several ways building owners can save energy. In fact, a new commercial roof can save energy costs through special materials and reflective surfaces. As a help, we put together these five simple ways that commercial building owners can reduce energy through the installation of a new roof.

5 Ways Your Commercial Roof Can Save Energy Costs

1. Reflective surfaces keep buildings cool.

In many commercial buildings, heating and cooling costs are the most expensive parts of the energy bill. Solar reflection on a commercial rooftop can keep a building from heating up too much in the summer, greatly reducing your energy use. To keep buildings cool, choose a roofing material with a reflective surface that won’t absorb the sun’s heat. Metal roofing is one of the best types of reflective roofing, and it’s one of the most durable roofing materials that will last for a very long time.

2. Light-colored roofs also reflect the sun.

Another common way to reduce energy costs in commercial roofing is through a cool roof. A cool roof is a typical flat roof painted white or another light, reflective color. Almost any type of commercial roof material can be converted into a cool roof to help you start saving energy.

3. Quality commercial roofs provide extra insulation.

Insulation is difficult to install on a commercial roof that already exists, however, if you’re installing a new roof, adding insulation can be a major energy saver. The materials and labor for an insulated roof can be expensive but the money saved on electricity bills over time can offset the cost.

4. A green roof can help reduce heat.

A green commercial roof is any type of energy-efficient roofing that uses vegetation on the rooftop to cool the building and filter stormwater. Green roofs can last much longer than a traditional roof, and they greatly reduce heat caused by buildings in urban areas. Keep in mind, though, that a green roof won’t work for every building type and requires a specialized roofing contractor.

5. A solar roof can power your building.

An excellent way to cut your power bills down is to generate your own electricity. Flat commercial roofs are an excellent place to put solar panels. Many roofs need very little prep in order to support solar panels, but a roofing contractor may need to reinforce your roof and ensure that the solar panels are fastened properly.

Looking to Reduce Your Roof’s Energy Costs?

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