Client Spotlight: 8th & Roast Coffee Company

Kathleen Maxwell | February 16, 2022

8th and roast coffee company getting a new roof.

Childhood friends Ed Reed and Q Taylor were regular patrons of 8th & Roast Coffee Company before they ever dreamed of owning the company. The pair met up regularly at the coffee shop as they planned to launch their own restaurant. Eventually, the owners approached them to partner up.

With three locations throughout Nashville and 25 employees, 8th & Roast Coffee Co. is a growing part of the Nashville coffee scene. The business partners with Fair Trade coffee farmers from around the world to bring the best craft coffee possible to the area.

The Opportunity

As a community-centered coffee shop, 8th & Roast likes to maintain a welcoming environment where customers can hang out, hold meetings or get work done. A leaky roof at one of their locations started to threaten that atmosphere. As a hospitality business, 8th & Roast’s managers weren’t familiar with construction and they turned to the internet to try to find a solution to their roof problem.

The Solution

After reaching out to several roofing companies, Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal provided the 8th & Roast team with the most detailed quote. Maxwell followed up at every step through the process and was able to guide the coffee shop through the entire process of their roof replacement. With businesses like 8th & Roast, Maxwell’s roofers always make an effort to disrupt the normal business as little as possible. 

“Our roof doesn’t leak anymore!” said owner Ed Reed. “Our experience with Maxwell was simply the best.”

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