Employee Spotlight: Jackie Sprout

Kathleen Maxwell | January 8, 2020

professional portrait of Jackie Sprout.

Jackie Sprout grew up in Hendersonville, Tennessee before heading to Middle Tennessee State University. After college, she launched a career in service and sales and eventually worked as an install coordinator for multiple HVAC companies. After more than 20 years in these industries, Jackie decided she wanted something new and started a job at Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc. as a service coordinator. She has now been at Maxwell for almost two years.

Current Role

As a service coordinator, Jackie works with a team of 14 other people in the service department. She works every day to create and schedule service tickets for commercial property owners, managers, and contractors. After the roof work is done, Jackie also creates reports and bills companies for the work. 

Why Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc. Stands Out 

For Jackie, it’s her coworkers at Maxwell that really make the company stand out. “We genuinely like working with each other and are a happy team,” says Jackie. She enjoys the challenge of busy days where lots of service calls come in. Though demanding, Jackie says that these busy days show why her department is so special. “Our department is unique because of our ability to multitask during extremely busy service days,” she adds. 


In her free time, Jackie enjoys painting and works in both acrylic and oils. She has a grown son, Drew, and an eight-year-old bulldog and chihuahua mix named Tic-Tac. Jackie hopes to travel more in the future, but she has plenty of hobbies like skydiving, kayaking, parasailing, roller skating, and hiking.

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