Employee Spotlight: Ricky Poteete

Kathleen Maxwell | February 16, 2024

Ricky Poteete in a jacket and a hat.

We understand that a high-quality roof is only as good as the team behind it. That’s why we prioritize creating a team-oriented atmosphere where hard work is valued and support is extended beyond the job site. For almost 70 years, our company has been dedicated to fostering an employee-first work culture

Ricky Poteete is a shining example of this. He recently celebrated a remarkable 25 years at Maxwell Roofing,

Ricky’s Journey to Maxwell Roofing

Ricky grew up in Nashville as one of ten children. One of his brothers found his calling in the roofing industry, and it wasn’t long before Ricky followed suit and forged his own career path in commercial roofing.

“I really love being outside,” Ricky says, his eyes crinkling at the corners. “I think that’s the first thing that drew me into roofing work.”

Ricky began working with his brother at Burress Roofing—tearing off roofs, removing shingles, and clearing job sites. After spending some years at Burress, Ricky’s brother made the move to Maxwell Roofing in the late ’90s and convinced Ricky to join the team. 

Celebrating 25 Years: Roofs Raised, Memories Made 

Over the years, Ricky’s hands have played a part in shaping the Nashville skyline. He’s helped put the roof on iconic landmarks like the Davey Crockett Tower, the Thompson Hotel, and the Sheraton Hotel, leaving his mark on the city he calls home.

Reaching 25 years at Maxwell might seem like a monumental achievement, but for Ricky, it’s just another day. He stays humble, saying, “I’m glad I’ve made it 25 years at Maxwell. It’s a good company—the best I’ve worked for.” 

What truly stands out for Ricky is the memories and relationships forged during his career. Having worked with hundreds of different Maxwell employees, Ricky emphasizes the enduring culture of Maxwell, even as people have come and gone. “Maxwell is just like family. Everyone is kind and courteous. They’re all part of making it a special place to work.”

In an industry known for its challenges and high turnover, Ricky Poteete’s 25-year journey at Maxwell Roofing serves as a testament to his hard work, dedication, and commitment to teamwork. As Maxwell Roofing grows, we’re proud to celebrate employees like Ricky, who contribute to the memories and relationships that define Maxwell’s unique culture.

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