How Maxwell's 24/7 Emergency Service Keeps Your Building Safe

Kathleen Maxwell | February 7, 2022

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Roofing emergencies don’t just happen during business hours or when you have a scheduled roof inspection—they happen unexpectedly at any time. To keep your building and your workers safe, property managers need to respond to a roofing emergency as quickly as possible. That’s why property managers rely on Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal for emergency service. Here’s how Maxwell can help protect your building.

1. Keep an eye on your building with Maxwell Monitors.

Property managers may not have time to keep an eye on all of their buildings constantly, but Maxwell does. With Maxwell Monitors, you can get a qualified building monitor to watch out for damage to your building. Maxwell Monitors is great for unoccupied buildings or far-flung parts of a property management firm’s portfolio.

2. Proactive management with service.

Maxwell’s MAXCare® gives property managers tools to handle all of their building’s maintenance needs. With MAXCare®, property managers can easily schedule inspections and maintenance and get full reports on the condition of their roofs. Regular maintenance keeps roofs in good condition so that they can hold up better during storms. Over time, this may prevent many roof emergencies from ever occurring.

3. Address emergencies with 24/7 service.

At Maxwell, we know that a roofing emergency can happen at any time, and we provide our customers access to a qualified roofing technician every day at any hour. If necessary, we are prepared to send out a team to respond to your emergency right away, whether it’s a weekend storm or a nighttime emergency.

A quick response during an emergency can help prevent further damage to your building or inventory. Waiting to address a roof failure over the weekend or even just overnight could cause irreparable damage to your building and incur much higher repair costs. 

At Maxwell, we don’t just fix roofs. We are invested in the safety of your building and the success of your business. If you’re ready to learn more about our emergency service program, contact Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc. today! Our team is experienced and ready to help.

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