How to Make Your Commercial Roofing Partner an Extension of Your Team

David Maxwell | November 4, 2021


Roofing doesn’t stop once construction is done. Just as a roof is an integral part of a commercial building, a commercial roofing partner should be a key part of a company’s facility management team. Caring for a major investment like a commercial roof requires a diligent partner. Here are a few ways that you can make your roofing partner an extension of your team.

1. Get roof monitoring through Maxwell Monitors.

Sometimes, facility managers just need eyes on their building. If a building is unoccupied or far away from the office, it may not always be getting the attention it needs. Maxwell Monitors offers companies a hassle-free way to monitor their building’s condition. The program can scale based on a company’s needs. Maxwell Roofing can provide something as small as an inspection checklist for a security guard all the way up to a full-scale inspection program.

2. Schedule regular inspections.

Even if a building has a designated manager, a qualified roofer should still come in for regular inspections. Roofers have the specialized knowledge and equipment to recognize roof problems that may otherwise go overlooked. A relationship with a commercial roof inspector is one of the best ways to make your commercial roofing partner an extension of your team.

3. Prioritize roof maintenance.

In order to keep a roof in good shape, small repairs and maintenance are required. A commercial roofing partner can identify and perform the maintenance that your roof needs in order to last its expected lifespan. Without maintenance, commercial roofs can slowly break down, which can lead to an eventual catastrophic failure. Fixing small problems early on prevents bigger problems further down the line.

4. Use roof management tools through MAXCare®.

For companies with multiple buildings or that lack a facility management team, Maxwell Roofing offers MAXCare®. MAXCare® is a roof management program that offers a suite of tools for companies to care for their commercial roofs. The program allows customers to schedule regular inspections and maintenance and provides budgeting planning tools. It also gives customers priority for emergency repairs.

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