5 Roof Maintenance Tips for Retail Stores

Kathleen Maxwell | March 17, 2022

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For retail store owners, roofs are not typically a top business priority. But while it can be easy to overlook a roof’s upkeep, failing to properly maintain this important building feature can lead to disaster down the line. To ensure that they can be active partners in protecting their building investment, it’s important that retail building owners understand some basic roof maintenance. Here are five roof maintenance tips for retail stores.

  1. Learn to self-inspect your roof.

All retail building owners should have a trusted roofing partner to rely on for periodic inspections and repairs. Still, owners should learn the tell-tale signs of roof trouble and perform regular inspections themselves. Retail owners should look for open flashing details or open seams on a roof. They can make sure there is no debris on the roof and that the drains are all working properly. Finally, retail owners can check for broken or loose metal parts or damage on the roof. These regular checks can help prevent damage between professional inspections.

  1. Weatherize your roof.

The weather threats to a commercial roof change from summer to winter, and building owners should make sure to prep their building every year as the seasons begin to change. Seasonal roof inspections can help prevent ice dams, clogged drains, and other major roof problems before they occur. 

  1. Get problems inspected early.

If retail owners spot problems during their self-inspections, it’s important to get a professional out to look at them as soon as possible. The longer that a roofing problem simmers, the bigger (and more expensive to repair) it will become. Early inspections and repairs are the key to helping a roof last longer and remain safe for customers and employees. 

  1. Keep your roof clean.

It may seem silly to clean something that customers will never see, but roof cleanliness is an important part of maintenance. Debris can punch holes in a roof membrane, trap water, clog drains, or damage HVAC equipment. Regular roof cleaning should be a part of every retail owner’s maintenance routine.

  1. Get a maintenance plan.

On top of routine in-house roof care, retail store owners should consider enrolling in a roof management plan like Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal’s MAXCare®. MAXCare® helps building owners schedule maintenance, prepare budgets, and track their building’s condition online. 

Interested in MAXCare®?

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