What Facility Managers Should Know About Roof Inspections

Kathleen Maxwell | September 15, 2022

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Before a damaged roof can undergo repairs, it needs to be inspected by a professional roofer. We’ve created this guide to help facility managers better understand what they need to know about roof inspections.

What is a commercial roof inspection?

Annual commercial roof inspections are the first crucial step toward maintaining a roof throughout its lifespan. Inspections provide insight into how a roof is aging. A timely inspection can also alert facility managers to any incipient problems that may worsen with time. During an inspection, roofers examine a roof for regular wear and tear as well as unusual or accidental damage. Then, they issue an inspection report detailing their findings.  The report will inform facility managers if any repairs are needed and suggest maintenance measures to plan for in the near future.

When should you get an inspection?

Commercial roofs need inspections at least once a year, and it’s best to schedule inspections around the changing of each season. Seasonal changes in temperature or precipitation can cause damage to a roof if it is left unprepared. With an inspection, roofers can identify extraneous debris or aging materials that may not hold up well during a seasonal change and get them fixed before a problem arises.

Who performs a commercial roof inspection?

Facility managers and building maintenance staff should maintain a regular roof checklist that helps them keep tabs on a roof’s condition throughout the year. It’s especially important to check on a roof after a storm or severe weather event. In addition to these regular inspections, a professional roofer should inspect the roof several times a year in order to check for less obvious problems. Roofers can use equipment like drones or infrared cameras to assess hard-to-reach places and detect any existing moisture.

How do regular inspections impact your roof’s lifespan?

Commercial roofs can last for decades if they are properly maintained, but an unchecked problem can cause damage that will greatly shorten a roof’s life. With consistent inspections and a scheduled maintenance plan, businesses can save money and avoid stress.

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