4 Ways to Proactively Prolong Government Building Roofs

Kathleen Maxwell | February 1, 2021


For busy government agencies and their budgeting committees, roof maintenance may not always be at the top of the priorities list. However, roof maintenance can’t go unchecked—no matter the industry. Especially for government facilities that are regularly used each day, proactive management can greatly extend a roof’s lifespan. 

Here are a few ways in which government agencies can save money over time by proactively maintaining their building rooftops:

1. Avoid unexpected repairs with inspections.

Government roofing repair can be difficult or costly, as many civic, state, or federal buildings are often older facilities with outdated materials or technology. The best way to avoid a big roof repair expense is to get the roof regularly inspected for problems. Small roofing issues can be easy to fix, but they can turn into major leaks, resulting in a costly and emergency repair, if left alone.

2. Make an inspection and maintenance plan.

A government roof inspection contractor should have a clear schedule for inspections and recommended maintenance. Most government facility roofing is similar to a typical commercial roof and should follow a similar schedule. These recommendations are based on the average lifespan of a commercial roof and following them can help prevent a roof from wearing out too quickly.

3. Start right away.

Before selecting a government roof installation contractor for a new building, find out if the company also offers a long-term roof management plan. These plans—like Maxwell Roofing’s MAXCare®—roll construction, maintenance, and repairs together in one program for easy budget planning. These programs are a simplified way for government agencies to manage numerous buildings at once and ensure that their budget is always prepared to handle their roofing needs. The sooner you start maintaining a roof, the longer it will last.

4. Make proactive building updates.

Roofing has come a long way since many government buildings were constructed. There’s plenty of new materials, services, and technologies that can help government agencies save on electricity costs or protect their buildings. Working with an experienced government roof installation contractor, government agencies can identify which upgrades will help prolong the lifespan of facility roofs and save money over time. 

 If you’re ready to find out how you can prolong the life of your civic, state, or federal building rooftops, don’t hesitate to contact Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc. today! Our team is experienced and ready to help.

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