5 Benefits of In-House Metal Fabrication for Industrial Buildings

John Maxwell | May 19, 2021

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Industrial buildings need roofs that can hold up to the pressures of what goes on inside them. Manufacturing and the use of heavy equipment can put strains on a roof that might not be up to the job. For industrial building owners, the best way to ensure a high-quality commercial roof is to choose a roofing company that has an in-house sheet metal fabrication shop.

Here are five key benefits of using a full-service roofing company for an industrial roof:

1. Cut out the middleman. 

Anyone who has worked in general contracting knows that operating through multiple suppliers and contractors can slow down a project and increase costs. Hiring a commercial roofing company with in-house sheet metal fabrication streamlines the construction process and avoids the unnecessary costs of going through a supplier. Full-service roofing saves time and money over the course of the project.

2. Customize your roof.

In-house sheet metal fabrication creates material designed for the specific building it’s made for. A full-service commercial roofing company can tailor their fabrication processes and materials to make sure that the roof and roofing materials are the best fit for whatever activity is happening inside the building. Mass-produced sheet metal might not give a building the durability it needs for industrial work.

3. Get a better quality product.

Using custom sheet metal ensures quality in every step of the commercial roofing process. Full-service roofing companies can design, build, and maintain the roof. Installation technicians are the most familiar with their own company’s work, ensuring that everything from the early phases to the execution of the roof design will run smoothly.

4. Improve performance.

When it comes to industrial commercial roofing, building owners want to ensure optimal performance. Durability, energy efficiency, and other features that are important to the work happening in an industrial building are easier to achieve with custom-made sheet metal.

5. Fit any budget.

Apart from saving money by removing a third-party sheet metal fabricator, using a full-service roofing company allows building owners to fit projects to their budgets. Customizing sheet metal lets building owners choose the features that are most important to them, while still keeping their projects within their target goals. 

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