Does Your Courthouse Need a New Roof? Here's What You Should Know

Kathleen Maxwell | September 23, 2021

courthouse with an american flag waving in front of it.

Courthouse roofs often have unique architectural designs or historical significance. But, just like any other roof, a courthouse roof will eventually need repairing or replacing. Dealing with the maintenance on a historical building can be intimidating for many government agencies, but, fortunately, it’s still possible to maintain a building’s character with a new roof.

If your courthouse is aging and in need of repairs or a new roof, here is what you should know:

1. Focus on maintenance first.

The best way to keep any roof functioning is to keep it well-maintained. Before replacing an architecturally complex or historically significant roof, the building owners should see what they can do to retain the materials that are already there. Small repairs or partial replacements can go a long way and help even the oldest roofs outlast their expected lifespans.

2. Weigh material options carefully.

In the event that a courthouse roof does need to be replaced, there are plenty of modern materials that can add benefits to the building. A quality roofing company can help government agencies balance the goal of maintaining a building’s historic character with other important roofing objectives like energy efficiency and durability. New roofing technology can help provide a building with the durability it needs, while still creating a striking look.

3. Give extra consideration to design.

Even in the event that a courthouse roof needs to be completely replaced, good design shouldn’t be sacrificed. Design consultations are included in our custom roof jobs at Maxwell Roofing. Our sheet metal fabrication shop also allows us to recreate unique architectural elements that may not be available through other roof companies.

4. Get on a new maintenance plan immediately.

Following a roof replacement, a government agency’s main goal is going to be to make their new roof last as long as possible. The best way to ensure that a roof lasts as long as possible is to regularly maintain it. Getting started right away with ongoing inspections and continuing with routine repairs is critical to ensure the new courthouse roof lasts for its expected lifespan. 

If you’re ready to get started, contact Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc. today! Our team is experienced and ready to help.

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