A Quick Guide to Rooftop Preventative Maintenance for Government Agencies

Kathleen Maxwell | April 23, 2021

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When a government agency invests in its buildings, it’s investing the taxpayer’s money. This makes it even more important that the agency makes cost-effective purchases that last. To help building managers make lasting investments, we’ve put together the following quick guide for government agencies and rooftop preventative maintenance.

1. Why focus on inspection and maintenance?

Taking good care of a roof is the most efficient and effective way to save money on building costs. Even a well-constructed roof system needs monitoring and occasional repairs to last it’s full, expected lifespan. For government agencies, the best roofing solution is one that utilizes frequent inspections and maintenance plans in order to save money over time. Fixing small problems along the way can stave off the need for major repairs and prevent weather-related accidents. 

2. Why a maintenance plan is so important.

“Performing roof maintenance” isn’t something that just happens. It requires careful planning and budgeting. Government agencies are not built for facility management, so it’s important to find a professional roofer to help plan maintenance. A maintenance plan includes a schedule for inspections and estimates on budgets and repairs. 

3. Different types of roofs require different approaches to maintenance.

Different types of roof installations will require different approaches to maintenance. Many government agencies have buildings with a traditional flat roof or thermoplastic membranes, but historic buildings or energy-efficient buildings may have something more complex. Some local and state governments are beginning to consider green roofs for new buildings. It’s important to consider the cost of maintenance on more specialized roofs such as these.

4. Choose a trusted roofing partner.

A good roofing contractor will be capable of building a quality roof and then inspecting and maintaining it over the course of its entire life. Choosing a reputable roofing company that has experience with other federal, state, and local government agencies is key to developing a maintenance plan that will save money over time. 

5. Save on costs with a long-term management program.

Administrators at agencies with multiple buildings may want to consider a roof management program like Maxwell’s MAXCare®. MAXCare® provides monitoring, maintenance, and budget forecasting across an entire real-estate portfolio. The program also offers discounts for inspections and repairs.

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