How to Know if the Summer Heat is Damaging Your Commercial Roof

Kathleen Maxwell | July 15, 2023

Sunny day on a commercial roof.

As the summer heat continues to roll on, it’s time to think about summer commercial roof maintenance. Here are a few risks that summer heat poses to commercial roofs in Tennessee and Alabama and some of our tips for preventing the worst types of roof damage. If you see peeling paint, misshapen metal, or melted or bleached shingles, your roof may be suffering from the intense summer heat.

Beware of Extreme Heat

If it’s hot outside the door of your commercial building, it’s even hotter up on the roof. Flat roofs are exposed directly to the sky all day, directly absorbing the sun’s rays. In hot weather, some roofs can reach up to 180 degrees during the day before rapidly cooling down when the sun sets. On poorly maintained roofs, this can cause thermal shock, an extreme expansion and contraction of roof materials that can cause warping or cracking. Building owners should make sure their roof is free of cracks or gaps before the heat sets in to make sure these do not worsen over the summer. Very hot temperatures accompanied by UV rays can also bleach, scorch, or weaken roofing materials.

Consider a Cool Roof

Dark-colored roofs absorb more UV rays and get hotter than white roofs. Switching the roofing material to PVC or TPO can help keep the roof cooler. For building owners who already have light-colored roofs or roofs made of PVC or TPO, it’s crucial to get all of the dark dirt or debris professionally cleaned off the roof surface before the summer sets in.

Regular Inspections Provide Damage Control

Even the highest quality, best-maintained commercial roofs deteriorate over time. Heat plays a major role in this type of roof damage, causing cracks, rips, and general wear and tear. To extend the life of a commercial roof as long as possible, building owners should always get routine inspections prior to the summer season to make sure that there are no problems that will worsen with heat. If caught early, many types of roof damage can be fixed before it becomes a major disaster.

If you want to learn more about how to prep your commercial roof for summer, contact Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal today. Our team offers inspections, repairs, new roofing projects, and annual upkeep for commercial roofs.

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