5 Roofing Questions to Ask Before Starting a Corporate Build

Kathleen Maxwell | September 20, 2021

shot of commercial building roof.

For large corporations, a building’s roof is often an afterthought when compared with the busy day-to-day of regular business. Since buildings are rarely the core focus of a corporation’s business, it might be second nature to know what to look for in a roofer.

Before choosing a commercial roofing company for a corporate build, it’s important to ask them a few key questions:

1. How long has your company been in business?

In the roofing industry, reputation is critical to success. Many roofing businesses start up to cash in on a major storm or weather event, but these poorly-run roofing companies don’t last very long. For this reason, the companies that do manage to hang on and stay in business for years or even decades tend to be the best options. Be sure to ask roofing companies how long they have been doing work on corporate roofs. The best, most reputable companies will have a portfolio of happy best customers to show off.

2. Are you local?

Local roofing companies know how to get the best local deals on construction materials and have the best knowledge about what roofs need to stand up to the weather conditions in the area. Even corporations that are based outside of their target construction area should try to keep their roofing projects local in order to get the best service and ensure that their buildings are suited for the local environment.

3. Will this interrupt business?

For roofing repairs or re-roofs, corporate building owners will want to consider whether or not the construction will interrupt business. Be sure to ask roofing companies about their scheduling flexibility. Roofing companies with experience working on corporate roofs will often be able to build some flexibility into their construction schedules in order to keep businesses open as much as possible.

4. What type of roof do you recommend for this business?

A corporation’s primary concern about its building is that it functions well with its business activities. Be sure to ask your roofer what type of roof they recommend for the building. The best roofing companies will offer a variety of options from roofs that offer high functionality for heavy industry to those that offer an attractive design for storefronts. 

5. What is your safety record?

Corporations have reputations of their own to protect. Hiring a roofing company that compromises safety can be a liability for the businesses assets and its reputation. Always inquire about a roofing company’s safety record and ensure that the company follows all OSHA, state and local labor laws before hiring them. Good roofing companies will offer employee training and enforce clear safety protocols in order to protect their workers and their customers.

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