7 Benefits of a Career in Commercial Roofing

Kathleen Maxwell | October 31, 2022

maxwell roofers installing a roof.

A commercial roofing career is a great opportunity for people from all types of different backgrounds and experience levels. If you’re wondering how to get commercial roofing jobs or if the industry is right for you, check out these amazing benefits of a career in roofing:

1. Fair compensation 

A commercial roofer receives a living wage that is often times above average those in other industries. No experience is necessary in most cases. Also, roofing jobs can sometimes offer overtime, if desired, to earn even more. 

2. On-the-job training 

Roofers get the training and experience they need on the job. Anyone with a good work ethic and a willingness to learn can be successful in the roofing industry. No college degree? No problem.

3. Abundant learning opportunities

Like any construction job, roofing is a good, solid trade. The skills you pick up on the job are applicable to many other types of work in the construction industry and beyond. A career in roofing gives people plenty of opportunities to grow and improve their skills.

4. Spend time outside 

Roofers aren’t stuck all day in an office staring at a screen. With a career in roofing, you will spend most of your time outside and working with your hands. If you are skilled at physical labor, you may enjoy the challenge that roofing brings you.

5. A variety of work

On a roofing job every day is different. You’ll be at different job sites, performing different tasks and learning different skills, keeping things interesting. If you’re someone who needs variety in your everyday schedule, roofing could be the right job for you.

6. Job security

Roofing is a growing industry, and a critical one. With a career in roofing, you can expect a consistent flow of work. Commercial buildings consistently need maintenance, inspection, or roofing repairs, and roof replacements are also quite common. At the end of the day, as long as you show up on time and work hard, you won’t need to worry about not being able to find consistent work.

7. Advancement opportunities

For ambitious workers, there are plenty of opportunities to metaphorically move up the ladder in roofing. From leadership roles on site to high-level office jobs, roofers have plenty of room to grow within the industry, changing their career as the skills grow and their interests change. 

If you’re ready to learn more about commercial roofing jobs, check out Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal’s career page. We’re hiring!

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