Collaboration and Commitment: Maxwell's Approach to Commercial Roofing

Kathleen Maxwell | September 23, 2023

Team of construction workers smiling on a job site.

It’s no secret that happy employees are more productive and more likely to excel in their jobs. Here at Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal, we work hard to ensure our employees love their work. We do that both to improve their well-being and morale and to benefit our clients. 

Here are just a few ways that Maxwell’s workplace environment serves both our employees and our customers:

1. Maxwell encourages teamwork and collaboration.

All of Maxwell’s employees know that they are critical to the success of a roofing project, regardless of the role they hold. We encourage collaboration and input from all of our employees. This empowers them to ensure that all of our work meets the highest possible standards. Our clients know that they can trust every worker on a job site, and our workers know that they can trust each other. When trust is developed on a job site, it can become safer and more efficient at the same time. 

2. Maxwell employees get top-notch training.

We seek out the best-skilled laborers for our team and then we provide them with excellent training to enhance their skills. Roofers with Maxwell get the opportunity to learn about all different types of roofing systems and how to adhere to strict safety standards. Maxwell Roofing customers can rest assured that everyone working on their roof has the knowledge and skills they need to get the job done. To support the continued growth of our employees, Maxwell provides workers with at least 40 hours of training and development, including certifications.

3. Maxwell values professional growth.

We value ambitious, hard-working people who are committed to their jobs. To support these driven employees, Maxwell is committed to supporting their career growth through internal promotions. Someone who starts out as a laborer at Maxwell has the opportunity to move up the ladder from roofer to foreman, superintendent, or even into operations or project management. We believe in building up and supporting our workers from within to create a workforce that is filled with people who have held multiple roles on the job site and in the office. 

4. Maxwell’s business is built on strong principles. 

As a family-owned business, Maxwell Roofing wants to provide its workers with more than just a job. Instead, we foster a culture that respects and acknowledges the individuals that make our business work! To do this, we use a framework called Q.T.I.P.S, which stands for Quality, Teamwork, Integrity, Professionalism, and Service. It’s a playful acronym with a serious meaning. Our commitment to doing our very best makes Maxwell unique. The way we do business is also the reason so many of our customers sign up for MAXCARE, our comprehensive roof maintenance and management program. Our approach to commercial roofing also explains why we have had so many repeat customers over the 60+ years we’ve been in business. 

If you’re interested in working for Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal, visit our career page. We have several open positions for hard-working, dependable workers. 

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