Considering a Career in Commercial Roofing? Read This First.

Kathleen Maxwell | June 11, 2022

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Do you like being outside? Working with your hands? Learning something new every day? You may want to consider a career in commercial roofing. In this guide, we will cover the benefits of a commercial roofing job and how to get started in the industry.

Why Choose a Career in Commercial Roofing? 

Commercial roofing jobs provide steady work at a good wage and are available to people with or without a college degree. Entering the roofing industry is a great way to learn new technical skills, many of which can later be applied to other construction jobs in the future. 

Beyond giving workers a good living, roofing jobs also fit into a lifestyle that many workers enjoy. Here are just a few things that commercial roofers say they love about their jobs:

  • Roofers spend most of their days working in the great outdoors.
  • Commercial roof work does not require prior education but allows ample opportunities to learn new skills and gain certifications. 
  • Many roofing jobs are seasonal, providing opportunities for students or people who want to take off part of the year.
  • Commercial roofing provides variety, taking workers to different job sites and providing new skills to learn while on the job.
  • For those looking to climb the career ladder, roofing provides plenty of opportunities for advancement. Roofers can work their way up to various construction supervisor jobs. Some roofers may eventually choose to switch over to another part of the business entirely and work in estimating or project management within the roofing industry.

How To Get Commercial Roofing Jobs?

Commercial roofing is a growing industry with plenty of well-paying jobs available both in roofing construction and on the business side.

For roofers, prior construction experience can help in finding a job, but it’s not a requirement. Most roofing companies offer on-the-job training. The important thing is having a strong desire to learn and to do good work. Commercial roofing is also great for customer service and office workers from other industries. Though commercial roofing may seem like a niche industry, many skills from other types of businesses translate to roofing work, making it easy for employees to make the leap.

To make the most of a search for commercial roofing jobs, interested candidates should be mindful of a company’s reputation and its years in business. Choosing a high-quality roofing company will help set you up for success in the industry for years to come. 

If you’re ready to start an exciting career in commercial roofing, take a look at Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal’s job board and apply today.

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