Contractors: 6 Questions to Ask Before a New Roof Construction Project

Kathleen Maxwell | November 3, 2021

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Commercial roofing is a specialized sub-section of construction that requires special skills and certifications. Because of the expertise required for roofing, general contractors often need to hire a roofing subcontractor to do the job. For contractors without much roofing experience, choosing a subcontractor for a roofing job can seem intimidating. Here are a few questions that every general contractor should ask before starting  a new roof construction project.

1. How long have you been in business?

Some commercial roofing companies come and go during storm seasons and periods of high construction. But, when times get tough only the best roofing companies last. Asking how long a company has been in business is essentially code for asking how reputable a company is. A company with decades worth of experience has a lot to live up to and their work will reflect that.

2. What is your safety record?

General contractors can be liable for accidents on a job site even when the work is performed by subcontractors. For this reason it is absolutely critical that contractors only hire companies with impeccable safety records. Always inquire about the steps roofing companies take to make sure their workers are safe and to follow local regulations.

3. Can you provide references?

Determining the quality of a roofing company’s work can be difficult if you’re just basing it on their website. Good roofing companies keep track of their best work and keep references from past customers. General contractors should be able to get a list of other contractors who can vouch for the roofing company.

4. Can you provide proof of insurance?

Roofing companies are required to have insurance, but that doesn’t mean that every company follows the rules. It’s not enough to ask about insurance. Contractors should request to see proof of liability insurance before working with a commercial roofing subcontractor.

5. Can I get a written proposal?

Even reputable commercial roofing companies can go over budget or miss their deadlines, but they will always put their promises in writing. Good commercial roofers make accurate, good-faith estimates on a project’s cost and schedule. If delays or unexpected costs occur, they will own them.

6. What materials can I choose from?

Choosing the right material for a commercial roofing project can seem impossible for a contractor unfamiliar with roofs, but a good commercial roofing company should be able to help. Be sure to choose a commercial roofing company that can explain the advantages and disadvantages of each roofing type. 

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