Corporate Building Owners: How to Choose the Best Commercial Roofer

Kathleen Maxwell | June 14, 2022

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Corporations often have multiple buildings to manage, so their commercial roofs are only tangential to their business. Corporations need commercial roofing solutions that are simple, straightforward, and let them move on with their primary business. We put together a few tips for how to choose the best commercial roofer for your corporate project:

  1. Choose a reputable, local commercial roofer.

Your company may not be headquartered locally, but your roofer needs to be. Local roofing companies know how to handle the local supply chain and what projects work best for the regional climate. Start your search by looking for commercial roofers that have been in business for a long time. The best companies will have excellent reputations and be able to provide references and testimonials from other local clients.

  1. Ask about options for materials.

Commercial metal roofing contractors are not always the same as commercial low-slope roofing contractors. Though some roofers do it all, it’s important to choose a company that specializes in the type of material you plan to work with.

  1. Place value in communication.

While budget and quality are the most significant roofing considerations for most corporations, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of using a roofing company that values good communication and customer service. Roofers that display professionalism and focus on keeping their customers up-to-date make projects run smoothly.

  1. Ask about warranty management.

Commercial roofs are complicated systems that often have materials from a variety of different manufacturers. Tracking the terms of all of these warranties and ensuring they’re fulfilled if a problem arises is a big job. Rather than take on that responsibility, corporations can contract a roofing company that manages all of their warranties.

  1. Consider a roof maintenance plan.

A corporation’s relationship with its roofer isn’t over once construction is done. All commercial roofs require regular maintenance and repairs. Some roofing companies offer roof maintenance plans, which provide a hassle-free way for corporations to make sure their roofs are maintained well. When you opt for a roof maintenance plan, your roofing company will automatically schedule inspections and maintenance so business employees can focus on other tasks and priorities.

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