Why Contractors Should Choose a Roofing Partner with In-House Metal Fabrication

Kathleen Maxwell | January 7, 2022

metal bars on a pallet.

Every type of commercial roofing system needs sheet metal to function, yet most roofing companies get their sheet metal from a third-party fabrication plant. For contractors, this use of third-party sheet metal can become a problem, as it can lead to delays and even cause a project to blow its budget. 

Contractors in search of a roofing partner should consider companies with their own in-house metal fabrication. Here are just a few of the advantages that in-house fabrication brings to a project. 

1. Increased Efficiency

The more subcontractors and suppliers that are involved in a project, the less efficient it becomes. Using a roofing company with in-house metal fabrication eliminates the need for a metal middleman, and lets contractors work straight with their suppliers. Contractors can get their questions answered and their budget concerns addressed directly from their metal fabricator rather than having to pass messages through multiple gatekeepers. 

2. Increased Design Options

In-house sheet metal fabrication opens up a whole world of design options for contractors. Custom fabrication shops can produce specialized roofing products instead of just the typical prefab shapes offered by most roofing companies. This allows contractors to produce more visually appealing roofs and address special construction concerns.

3. Better Management of Supply Shortages

It’s no secret that supply shortages have severely affected the roofing industry following the pandemic. Suppliers all over the world are trying to squeeze out orders at a record pace, throwing off their time and budget estimates. Fabrication shops within roofing companies serve customers directly, enabling them to deliver more accurate estimates and a higher percentage of orders.

4. Decreased Costs

Whenever a contractor goes through a third party for materials or labor, there is a mark-up. Roofers that have in-house sheet metal fabrication are able to save money on labor and materials and pass those savings onto their customers. 

5. Increased Project Speed

Roofing companies with in-house sheet metal fabrication have complete control over their project timeline. There is no risk that their supplier will fail to deliver on a promise. In-house metal fabrication also does not require delivery, eliminating any unnecessary transportation delays.

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