Employee Spotlight: Mikki Zimonjic

Kathleen Maxwell | April 20, 2023

professional portrait of Mikki Zimonjic.

One of the benefits of working in cities like Nashville and Huntsville is that both locations attract residents with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal Superintendent Mikki Zimonjic is a prime example of that phenomenon. Mikki was born and raised in Serbia. Before working in the roofing industry, Mikki served in the Serbian Special Forces. From there, he began his commercial roofing career in Europe before moving to the United States.

Mikki’s Experience and Role at Maxwell Roofing

Mikki has worked in the commercial roofing industry for 35 years. He gained valuable experience installing commercial roofing systems in Germany. After moving to the United States, Mikki wanted to work at a company where he could advance his professional career. Once he found Maxwell Roofing, the rest was history.

Mikki recently celebrated his 20th year anniversary at Maxwell Roofing. In his role as Superintendent, Mikki manages multiple crews and projects of various sizes. He’s also played an important role in serving our clients in a variety of industries—from airport and commercial facilities to hospitals and museums.

Why Mikki Sticks With Maxwell Roofing

But it’s not the many projects he’s helped to complete that stand out most to Mikki when he thinks about his long career with Maxwell. When asked what he loves most about working at Maxwell Roofing, Mikki was quick to answer, “At Maxwell, you’re not a number. You’re family.”

Mikki has definitely added to that family-oriented feel at Maxwell in the way he leads others. “One thing I love is that we are ALL a team at Maxwell,” Mikki said. “We can count on each other to help in any and every situation.”

As he looks toward the future, Mikki hopes to finish out his career at Maxwell. He and his wife of 32 years have several children and pets that keep them busy. When he’s not working or spending time with family, Mikki enjoys fishing, shooting, and grilling.

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