Employee Spotlight: Tim Cox

Kathleen Maxwell | May 28, 2024

Professional portrait of Tim Cox.

40 years in professional roofing is just about enough time to have seen it all. For Tim Cox, a proud military veteran and service foreman at Maxwell Roofing, the only part of the job that still catches him by surprise are the views that few others get to experience.

“This job is cool, it really is,” said Cox. “The stuff we can see from rooftops is amazing. We were at a job in Huntsville next door to a place that repaired helicopters, so they were taking off and landing next to us all day long. It almost felt like you had to brace yourself sometimes.”

For the past ten years, Tim’s passion for his trade has made him an invaluable member of the Maxwell Roofing team—a dependable leader who prioritizes safety and has the experience to solve any roofing challenge that he may encounter.

The Road to Maxwell

Originally from Pennsylvania, Tim officially began his roofing career when he was 20 years old. But rather than fighting off the heat of Nashville summers, he earned his stripes while contending with five-foot-tall snow drifts and record-breaking blizzards.

“It wasn’t unusual for us to spend hours shoveling snow off a roof only for another whiteout to come through and cover it all back up as soon as we were finished,” he reflected. “As I’ve gotten older, I tend to prefer the heat over the cold.”

In 2012, Tim moved to Nashville to live closer to his brother and began working for a competing roofing company. It didn’t take too long for word of his work ethic and professionalism to spread. After a phone call from David Maxwell, Tim officially joined the Maxwell Roofing family.

Current Role

As a foreman working on the service side of Maxwell Roofing, Tim spends most of his time responding to leak calls to find and fix commercial roofing problems for customers across Tennessee, Northern Alabama, and Southern Kentucky.

On smaller jobs, Tim may work with just one other team member while larger projects require collaboration with multiple crews for weeks or even months. On every job, experience has taught him to approach every scenario with professional curiosity rather than any preconceived notions of what to expect.

“Whether it’s a big roof or small roof, there could be one leak or there could be twenty,” Tim explained. “It’s always something different, and that’s why it takes years and years to become an expert in this industry. I’ve been at this all my life, and I’m always learning something new.”

Why Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc. Stands Out

As it turns out, the brother who talked Tim into moving to Nashville, Michael, works as a service manager at Maxwell Roofing, as does his nephew, Lee, who is an estimator. So, it would be reasonable to assign Tim’s decade-long tenure at Maxwell Roofing to family ties.

But when asked what makes Maxwell stand out as an employer, Tim will point to a workplace culture that rewards hard work, values teachability, and smartly leverages the experiences of individual team members.

“What initially brought me here was a pay raise,” said Tim. “But I’m also here because I work with very good people who also trust their employees to do their jobs and follow their best judgment out in the field.”


When he’s not in the office, you might find Tim fishing on Bedford Lake, covering Stevie Ray Vaughan on his guitar, or schooling novice players in an online video game. He enjoys spending time with his seven children who live in Middle Tennessee and recently celebrated the birth of his eighth grandchild.

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