A General Contractor’s Guide to High-Quality Roofing Projects

David Maxwell | January 6, 2022

contractor working on plans.

For a general contractor, the most important step in a high-quality roofing project is to hire a trusted company to do the work. If you’re a contractor on the hunt for a commercial roofing partner that fits your needs, this guide will help you choose a roofing contractor and make sure that you are producing high-quality roofing projects for your customers. 

1. Choose quality materials.

All roofing contractors should have familiarity with different kinds of roofing materials—and the best contractors will have access to products of the highest quality. Choosing a long-lasting, durable roof material will make the roof last longer and save money over time. 

2. Prioritize safety.

A lack of safety measures during a construction project can often influence the quality of the product. Roofers need to feel secure and be careful; a failure in either of these two areas can lead to problems during the construction project. Be sure to verify safety protocols with your roofing contractor and to prioritize safety on the job site. 

3. Emphasize customer service.

Roofing contractors are part of a team on a construction site. General contractors should choose a roofer with a history of good customer service to ensure that their roofers are responsive, meet deadlines, and collaborate appropriately while on the job site.

4. Plan for maintenance. 

High-quality roof construction is pointless if it isn’t followed up with a high-quality maintenance plan. General contractors should choose a roofing partner that offers maintenance plans along with roof repairs and construction. Building owners always appreciate the option to enroll in a plan like Maxwell’s MaxCARE® for the life of their commercial roof. 

Are you a general contractor looking for a trusted roofing partner?

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