How We Use Our Values to Build Trust with General Contractors

Kathleen Maxwell | September 22, 2021

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The relationship between a roofing company and a general contractor is the foundation for any successful commercial roofing project. At Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc., we have been building and maintaining trusting relationships with contractors for nearly 70 years. 

Our success lies within our company’s core values. By following these fundamental principles, generations of Maxwell roofers have built trust with general contractors. Here’s how:

1. Quality

Maxwell Roofing prioritizes quality above all else on roofing projects. Our company gets great prices on the best materials, and our workers are some of the best in the business. Maxwell has built a reputation based on its consistent delivery of high-quality roofs. General contractors know that they can trust Maxwell to do the job right and produce roofs that are built to last. 

2. Teamwork

In any commercial building, it’s critical that each component is constructed to function as part of the whole. This means that teamwork and communication between different crews on the job site is absolutely crucial. Maxwell Roofing self-performs the roofing jobs, and trains its employees to work well not only within their own teams, but also with other contractors. General contractors know that a Maxwell Roofing crew is going to show up to a work site willing to support all others working on the project.

3. Integrity

Untrustworthy companies don’t last for years in the business. Maxwell Roofing has maintained a loyal customer base because we always do what we say—on schedule. General contractors know that they are choosing a roofer they can count on. Even in a world of supply and worker shortages, Maxwell’s team is up-front and realistic about what they can deliver.

4. Professionalism

Maxwell Roofing employees get the highest level of training and education, and their expertise is unparalleled. General contractors know that their high expectations will be met with our crews and that roofers will always exhibit professionalism and show respect on the job site.  

5. Service

We know that roofing is about much more than just construction. Our service department works to make sure that customers’ needs are met and that they have somewhere to turn when something goes wrong. General contractors can count on the Maxwell Roofing team to help deliver an excellent customer experience.

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