How Property Managers Can Lighten Their Loads

Kathleen Maxwell | September 20, 2021

aerial shot roof of shopping mall.

There’s no doubt that property managers must wear many different hats in their jobs, from dealing with clients or tenants, managing business functions and—on top of everything else—making sure that their buildings function properly. All of these different functions can become too much for one person to keep track of, especially for companies with multiple properties. 

When property managers get into a position with too much work on their plates, they often find themselves reacting to a crisis rather than proactively managing it. This can leave property managers in a position where they are constantly playing catch up, putting out “fires” instead of preventing them in the first place. 

So, when it comes to roof maintenance, here are three easy ways that property managers can lighten their loads.

1. Schedule regular inspections and preventative maintenance.

Roofing problems can create more work for property managers who may have to deal with damages or displaced clients. Instead of waiting for a roofing disaster to prompt a repair, property managers can pre-schedule regular roofing inspections and maintenance. Scheduling maintenance allows property managers to better manage their time and to stave off major roofing problems.  

2. Sign up for a roof management program. 

Roof management programs allow property managers to hand off most of the routine work needed for a commercial roof. These programs help manage warranty issues and create maintenance plans so that property managers can focus on other elements of their jobs. 

For companies with multiple properties, roof management plans like Maxwell’s MAXCare® also provide an easy online portal where property managers can easily access information about their roof for reporting to investors or clients. MAXCare® clients also get access to budget forecasting projections and roofing education tools to help plan ahead for whatever issues may arise.   

3. Consider a roof monitoring program.

Many property managers lack the time and technical skills to regularly inspect their roofs for problems. Monitoring programs like Maxwell Monitors gives property managers the chance to use trained roofers as their eyes on each of their buildings. Maxwell Monitors is great for property managers who need to keep tabs on unoccupied buildings or who lack the staff to regularly check in on each of their roofs. 

Programs like Maxwell Monitors are also flexible to meet the needs of the property managers using them. The monitoring program can be scaled to accommodate everything from basic needs, such as designing a checklist for a non-roofer to check in on a building all the way up to a full-service monitoring and maintenance program.  

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