964-966 Main Street Building

When a tornado ripped through Nashville in March of 2020, it left devastating destruction in its wake. As a result, the Baker Twins Real Estate property at 964-966 Main Street sustained significant damage, leaving them in need of a roof replacement.

Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc. worked closely with the Baker Twins on this 6,300 square-foot project to replace the damaged roof, ultimately protecting the building’s integrity and improving its safety. Not only did this project include a replacement, but a redesign of the roofing system to improve efficiency. The project was completed in September of 2020.

Completion Date

September 21, 2020

Project Duration

2 weeks

Project Type

Roof Replacement

Square Footage

6,300 sq. ft.

Roof Type

TPO - Adhered



Providing High-Value Solutions

This project required consistent and clear communication between the Maxwell Roofing team, the property owner, and the insurance adjuster. Maxwell Roofing coordinated between the three, creating a value-based solution for this project while also seamlessly navigating the insurance claims process. Through diligent and comprehensive planning, we delivered a high-quality product, while updating the facility with a more effective roof design.

Additional Project Info:

Maxwell Roofing’s new design for this property’s roof included a better insulation value, as well as a white reflective roofing membrane to potentially generate energy savings. By modifying the roof slope and gutter design, the Maxwell Roofing team was able to correct the building’s ponding water and drainage issues. These improvements will deliver the building owner long-term benefits for years to come.

“The most significant damage to our building was to the roof. The debris from neighboring buildings destroyed it, and we ultimately had to have it replaced. Maxwell Roofing worked with me and the insurance adjuster to get everything sorted out. They did a great job all the way around!”

— Chad Baker, Baker Twins Real Estate

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