Employee Spotlight: Todd White

Kathleen Maxwell | October 7, 2022

professional portrait of Todd White.

There are some people who were born to work in the roofing industry, and Todd White is one of those people. Todd was born in Oceanside, California, but he grew up in Tennessee with family members on both sides working in the roofing industry.

When it was time for Todd to pursue a career, he decided to pursue a four-year local sheet metal apprenticeship. Thirty-nine years later, Todd is still working in the industry and has been part of the Maxwell team for nearly half of his career.

A Skilled Craftsman

Todd joined the Maxwell team in 2005 and has progressed to become a Sheet Metal Supervisor in our in-house fabrication department. Todd and his team work hard each day to coordinate with superintendents and produce quality craftsmanship. Maintaining a high quality of work while balancing multiple projects is a challenge that Todd enjoys.

“Most of the commercial roofing is flat and can be difficult for customers to see from the ground,” Todd explained. “But the sheet metal department’s work is often on the edge or the face of the building. Therefore, we are held accountable for doing extremely good work.”

Why He Chose Maxwell Roofing and Sheet Metal

The work ethic and commitment to excellence that is shared across the entire Maxwell team is something Todd has come to appreciate over the years. “Maxwell is full of great people who work hard,” Todd said. “Our team takes pride in their craft, and the quality of the work shows. It is truly unmatched.”

Part of the Maxwell Family

Earlier this year, Maxwell had the chance to recognize and celebrate Todd’s service to his team and his customers by helping him achieve one of his personal goals. “I have always wanted to go back and visit Oceanside,” Todd said. ”Thanks to Maxwell, I can scratch that off my list of goals after they sent me on a trip this year.”

As a family-owned business, the Maxwell staff functions like an extended family. Maxwell is so grateful for Todd’s hard work and dedication over the years.

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