How to Discover Top Talent in the Roofing Industry

Kathleen Maxwell | November 18, 2020


No matter the industry, discovering top talent is essential to a company’s reputation and success. And, while employers hope that the best and brightest professionals will seek us out, sometimes we have to do some of the necessary leg work to seek out the most highly qualified employees that best fit our companies’ needs. In the commercial roofing industry, good talent is critical to providing customers with the greatest standards in quality construction, careful and efficient preventative maintenance, attentive and detailed service, and clear and timely communication. Even more, it’s essential to find roofing employees who are committed to safety and ongoing training.

So, how do you discover top talent within the roofing industry? Here’s what we’ve learned at Maxwell Roofing from nearly 70 years in the business. We hope these considerations are helpful to you along your hiring journey.

5 Considerations for Discovering the Best Commercial Roofing Talent

1. Education is power.

As with any career field, education is a powerful component of a candidate’s potential to do great work. Though some of the most talented individuals in the workforce are self-taught and have natural abilities to do great work, education reveals a further step toward excellence. If candidates have taken the time to complete training and study industry principles, it gives employers an added peace of mind in trusting that they’re building a knowledgeable team who can speak the roofing industry lingo and answer any customer questions that may arise.

2. Experience is a plus.

While every employer hopes that the individuals who make up their teams are coming to them with at least some level of practical experience for the roles in which they’re applying, we’ve found that a sincere eagerness to learn goes a long way. Whether it’s shadowing a seasoned roofing professional, serving in an entry-level position, or completing an apprenticeship or internship program—nothing will make an employer feel more confident in welcoming someone to their team than experience in the field. However, we’re always impressed with inexperienced candidates who desire to be trained and show a real passion for ongoing learning on the job! 

3. Efficiency is priority.

Beyond education and experience, a roofing employee who demonstrates efficiency is a top trait to look for when adding to your team. Especially in terms of the dangers involved with building and construction safety—and the current safety concerns surrounding COVID-19— commercial roofing employees must prioritize efficiency. Even more, to ensure that maintenance, service, and inspections are done right from the beginning, it’s a must to hire employees who not only value efficiency but can also provide a proven record of it. 

4. Enthusiasm is positive.

No employer wants someone on their team who doesn’t want to be there. So, rather than hiring someone who needs a job, hire someone who wants one. And—more importantly—hire someone who is enthusiastic about working for your company. It’s never a good sign when a potential employee comes asking for a job while speaking negatively about a previous employer or job. Seek out candidates who are passionate about commercial roofing and who want to eat, sleep, and breathe it daily.

5. Effort is purposeful.

Not only should it be intentional that you’re putting in the effort to discover top talent for your company, but any employee who applies to work for you should demonstrate a concerted effort to not only follow your application guidelines but also an effort to prove themselves deserving of working on your team. Pay close attention to applicants who follow up both in the application process but also throughout the interview process. A purposeful effort to getting hired will almost always replicate itself on the daily job!

Always Choose Quality Over Quantity

A company is only as good as the talent they hire. So, make sure you’re not substituting quantity for quality when it comes to growing your roofing team. We’ve seen a lot of industry changes in our company’s six decades of experience, especially with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of hiring individuals who embody your company’s values and work ethic. If we can be a source of wisdom for you in your hiring process, don’t hesitate to contact us at Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc. today! We’re all in this together!

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