What Contractors Can Do to Develop Talent for the Future

Kathleen Maxwell | December 16, 2020


Like any company, a commercial roofing contractor not only desires to be known as the best in its industry, but it also hopes to maintain a solid reputation and employ qualified team members along the way. The latter of those goals ultimately helps lead the company to success and longevity within the roofing industry. So, what can roofing contractors do to develop and train top talent who will perform quality work, provide excellent customer service, and become long-term employees? Here are a few tips we’ve observed along the way at Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc.

Provide Ongoing Learning Opportunities

The best and most valuable employees are those who are afforded opportunities for ongoing training and development. And, no matter the type of job or environment, learning is essential for employees to be properly equipped and highly effective on the job. Especially if your roofing employees are joining your team with little to no experience, ongoing learning opportunities are essential to the company’s success. Consider hosting monthly or quarterly on-site training seminars or demonstrations that are taught by industry veterans. Another option is to create or source training videos for employees to watch on a regular basis. All in all, implementing an ongoing learning strategy should be a simple and necessary task for any reputable company that wants to develop top talent for the future.

Offer Competitive Benefits

No matter the industry, a competitive benefits package will always draw the best quality candidates. From affordable health insurance to paid time off to daily working conditions to tuition assistance and more, make sure your company stands apart from competitors when it comes to taking care of your employees. Even more, providing intentional and rewarding opportunities for advancement within the company will often clearly reveal top talent who truly value your company and their roles within it. 

Alter Your Recruitment Efforts

While commercial roofing isn’t the most glamorous of industries for next-generation talent to consider, it is an industry that can provide stable and enjoyable work opportunities. So, while there are modern-day challenges in recruiting new employees to commercial roofing jobs, there are many ways to focus on your recruitment efforts for drawing top talent. From tapping into high school programs to teaching aspiring students about the industry to partnering with military veteran programs to offering college credits for soon-to-be graduates, consider altering your recruitment efforts beyond simple job postings or waiting for talent to find you.  

Create Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships for the next generation of roofing professionals is a growing trend within the industry. This involves pairing new or inexperienced employees with seasoned industry veterans. Whether you’re able to naturally create and develop these staff relationships or partner with industry organizations such as the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), you’ll find that the return on your investment will be well worth your efforts.

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