5 Questions Your Roofing Partner Should Ask Before a Reroofing Project

Kathleen Maxwell | October 1, 2023

An aerial view of the 8th South reroofing project in Nashville, TN

Reroofing projects are essential to the long-term health and safety of a commercial building, but they can often be tedious, stressful, and sometimes disruptive. Understandably, most business owners or property managers are concerned with potential disruption to their business and the cost and quality of work. That’s why when it’s time for a reroofing project, choosing the right commercial roofing contractor is so critical.

While we recognize that potential business disruption is a major concern amidst any reroofing project, another common worry is the significant financial investment that a reroof usually takes. However, we also have enough experience to know that hiring a roofing contractor should involve more than just evaluating cost estimates. You want to select a contractor that is knowledgeable and committed to your building’s success. 

Over the years, we’ve highlighted some essential questions to ask a commercial roofing contractor before hiring them or starting a new construction project. In this blog, we’re turning the tables by highlighting the crucial questions that a potential commercial roofing partner should ask you before a reroofing project. 


The Importance & Purpose of Asking Questions

The questions a potential commercial roofing contractor asks can reveal their expertise, commitment, and dedication to understanding your unique needs. As a prudent building owner or property manager, here are some key questions you should want to hear from your potential commercial roofing contractor when evaluating options for your reroofing project.

1.  What are your goals for this reroofing project? 

Before we begin work, it’s important for us to know how we can best serve you. An experienced contractor should inquire about your goals for the reroofing project. Whether it’s enhancing energy efficiency, extending the roof’s lifespan, or improving aesthetics, their understanding of your objectives will guide their recommendations.

2. Have you experienced any leaks, water damage, or other issues yet?

A contractor who asks about leaks or water damage is showing a proactive approach. Their interest in identifying potential underlying issues indicates a commitment to addressing problems beyond surface-level solutions.

3. Can you share more information about your building’s history and current roof? Do you have any future plans for the building?

A reputable roofing contractor should show genuine interest in understanding the history of your building and its current roofing system. They should ask about past maintenance, repairs, and any existing issues to tailor their approach to your specific needs.

Understanding your future plans for the building, such as expansion or renovations, also enables us to propose roofing solutions that accommodate your long-term vision.

4. What is your preferred budget and timeline for completion?

Your business operations may be affected during the reroofing process. A contractor who discusses your preferred timeline and works to minimize disruptions exhibits their concern for your operational needs. Asking about your budget also helps us suggest cost-effective solutions that align with your budget.

5. How can we ensure the safety of the building’s occupants and workers?

Safety should be a top priority for any roofing project. A contractor who raises the topic of safety measures, such as protective barriers and worker training, is dedicated to maintaining a secure environment for all parties involved.


Experience Matters: Explore Maxwell’s Track Record in Reroofing Excellence

This list offers insights to help you prioritize contractors who show genuine interest in your building, goals, and concerns. Choosing a contractor who asks these essential questions makes you more likely to form a strong partnership that leads to a successful and lasting reroofing project.

At Maxwell Roofing, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with countless customers on reroofing projects in nearly every industry, including single-unit commercial offices, historic buildings, mixed-use retail spaces, hospitals, and churches.  

Learn about Maxwell Roofing’s extensive experience and successful reroofing projects, or connect with our team to discuss your specific needs. 

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