4 Roles that Make up a Quality Roofing Team

Kathleen Maxwell | February 16, 2024

roofer in a hardhat looking up at a crane.

Roof construction is a team effort that requires a wide array of people with different skill sets. In this blog, we will highlight a few of the roles in a quality roofing team and explain how to get commercial roofing jobs.

1. Roofer

Commercial roofers are the people actually performing the day-to-day tasks such as tearing off the existing roof, and installing new insulation and membrane. Roofers spend most of their days outside building commercial roofs while maintaining a safe work environment. Though some construction experience is helpful for a roofing tech job, many roofers can also be trained on the job. If you are hoping to take on a larger role in the company, great news! There is plenty of room for a roofer to rise in the ranks of a roofing company by taking on supervisory roles in the future. 

2. Foreman

The next position up the ladder from a roofer is the construction foreman. Foremen manage a job site by setting the schedule and making sure everything runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Experience in the roofing industry is a must for foremen, as they need to understand all components of the job. However, people skills are vital, too: foremen are also required to be effective leaders to train and manage their crew.

3. Superintendent

The superintendent is responsible for multiple projects at once. They ensure the foreman follows the daily work plan in place and manages their assigned crews. This position ensures that a project moves in the proper direction safely and profitably. Superintendents ensure that work is done on schedule, within budget, and with the quality and workmanship expected by industry standards. The superintendent meets daily with project leads to discuss project requirements, safety hazards, and resource requirements. 

4. Construction Manager

The construction manager is responsible for the leadership, safety, direction, and profitability of the Construction department.  This includes strategic planning and finishing the job on time and within budget.

Construction managers oversee multiple job sites, managing the big picture of a job. They work with a team of people working on job sites to handle any problems that might come up. Construction managers may have experience in construction or business.

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