Are You Preparing For a New Corporate Build? Here are 5 Roofing Considerations

Kathleen Maxwell | July 19, 2022

Construction worker walking on the frame of a building with a hardhat on.

Getting ready to break ground on a new corporate construction project is an exciting time for any business, and there is a lot to track and plan when starting new construction. While roofing may not seem like the most exciting part of a new building, it is one of the most important things to carefully consider with a new corporate build.

Here at Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal, we’ve put together this quick guide to help guide you through the initial steps of roof construction:

1. Consider your roof’s basic needs.

A commercial roof isn’t just something that a contractor slaps on a building as an afterthought. Businesses need to think about their future roof during the initial phases of construction planning. This planning starts by considering what the primary function of the roof will be. For many commercial and industrial buildings, a traditional low-slope roof will do the job by protecting the building and housing important equipment, like the HVAC. Other projects may need a more architecturally pleasing design, like a sloped metal roof, to make the building more appealing. Your company may also be interested in specialized options like green roofs.

2. Find the right contractor.

You need a specialized roofing contractor that will be with you for maintenance and repairs throughout the life of your roof. Choose a business with a good reputation that offers a comprehensive maintenance plan. In the greater Tennessee and Alabama areas, Maxwell Roofing & Sheet metal brings 60 years of experience to commercial roofing. We also offer design and custom sheet metal fabrication services to help you cut out the middleman on your construction project. 

3. Come up with a design and budget.

Your qualified roofing contractor will be able to help narrow down your design and material options, considering any new roof building regulations that may exist in your local area. Once your roofing needs are clearly laid out, the roofing contractor will also be able to help you plan your budget. When considering the budget, it’s crucial to think about the entire life cycle of the roof. Something that is cheap upfront may require more maintenance or an early replacement down the line. 

4. Consider your company’s needs during the project.

Different businesses have different levels of construction expertise in their ranks. Maybe you’re a retailer and know absolutely nothing about construction. If that’s the case, you’ll want a roofing contractor that can be there for you throughout the process. When choosing a company, be sure to consider what kind of reporting and information you may need about your roof in order to inform you and/or your partners. Find a company that can pull building permits for the new roof while always keeping you in the loop.

5. Don’t forget about your roof’s future.

A roof’s life doesn’t end at construction. Even once your building is completed, you will need a roofing company that can help with maintenance and routine repairs. Consider this fact when choosing a roof design and picking a roofing contractor. 

If you’re ready to begin planning for your new corporate build, contact Maxwell Roofing & Sheet Metal today. Our team is ready to help with all of your roof construction needs.

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