Government Roofing Services: 5 Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

Kathleen Maxwell | July 12, 2021

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When government agencies hire a contractor, they are bound by strict rules surrounding pricing, but there is very little guidance about how to choose the best company for the job. 

As a specialized industry, roofing can be difficult to navigate. And, for government agencies that don’t have specialized roofing experience, it’s often hard to know what separates the good roofing companies for the bad ones. 

Here are five questions every government agency should ask roofing companies before contracting with them:

Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

1. How long have you been in business?

Roofing is a competitive business, and only the most reliable companies are able to last over time. Roofers with a long history in their community are more likely to have done right by their customers. For government agencies, reliability is key to ensuring that roofing work is done right and up to code.

2. What safety measures do you take?

Government agencies must be careful that any contractor they hire adheres to OSHA standards and any state safety laws. The best roofing companies perform hazard assessments before and during construction projects to keep workers safe and prevent accidents. Be sure to ask potential contractors about what sort of safety training workers receive and how they mitigate risks during projects. 

3. What documentation do you provide?

Not all roofing companies pay as much attention to reporting and documentation as government agencies will require. Government agencies must be able to provide clear documentation of any work done on their buildings and have a clear accounting of what was paid for in order to comply with records requirements. Agencies looking for a new roofing contractor should always ask about how companies track their work rather than assume they have a system in place. 

4. Can your company work on a flexible schedule to avoid a disturbance?

Government buildings often need to remain open to allow the public access to services. In many cases, roofing construction can cause a disturbance or force buildings to close. Agencies searching for a contractor should always ask what sort of accommodations the roofing company is willing to make to allow their building to function as normally as possible.

5. Do you offer maintenance plans?

Many roofing companies focus on construction and repairs, but regular preventative maintenance is just as important. Preventative maintenance is what keeps a roof healthy enough to last for its entire expected lifespan. When government agencies hire contractors for roof work, it’s important to consider costs over the life of the roof. Hiring a contractor that offers a roof management or maintenance plan is a great way to save money over time and care for the agency’s investment in their roof.

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