How to Plan for Maintenance on a Government Building’s Roof

Kathleen Maxwell | March 28, 2022

government building roof.

Government buildings often experience high use and have to last many years beyond the normal lifespan of a different type of building. This makes regular maintenance an absolute necessity for government buildings. Planned maintenance is the most affordable and reliable way to improve the upkeep of government buildings, keeping them in excellent condition for years to come. Yet for many government agencies, planning maintenance can fall by the wayside. Here are a few tips for creating a maintenance plan that works for a government building’s roof:

Choose a trusted contractor.

Reputation and experience matter when it comes to government work. When government buildings need upgrades, choosing a contractor because of their stellar reputation and experience is just as important as going with the lowest price. Government agencies should pick roofers that are invested in the quality of their work and are committed to extending the life of the roof.

Get regular inspections.

Inspections are a painless first step towards proper maintenance. When done regularly, inspections are an inexpensive but essential way to help identify minor roof damage before it becomes a serious (and very expensive) problem. 

Get on a maintenance plan. 

Some roofing companies offer comprehensive maintenance plans for companies and organizations that own multiple buildings. These programs help building owners establish a schedule for routine inspections and maintenance. A regular maintenance plan can help minimize the risk of forgotten maintenance in the course of government turnover and ensure that roofs are cared for despite personnel changes. 

Don’t ignore repairs. 

When budgets are tight, it can be tempting to let small issues go unrepaired. While this may save some short-term budget pain, small roofing problems tend to become worse over time. Rather than putting off routine repairs, fixing problems while they are still minor will help save money over time.

Take advantage of new technology.

Technology has advanced dramatically when it comes to inspections and repairs. Roofing companies can use drones to quickly survey a roof without ever putting a worker on the building and causing a disruption. Roof inspectors can also use thermal imaging to check for moisture and potential leaks. This information can easily be incorporated into roofing reports to make building administration easier.

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