Commercial Roofing FAQs: How Should You Prep Your Roof for Spring Weather?

With winter on its way out, it’s time to make a plan for prepping your commercial roof for spring. Here are some common questions building owners and property managers have about their roof’s seasonal changes. Q: What winter damage should I look out for on my roof? A: Snow and ice can damage your commercial […]

Commercial Roofing FAQs: Replace or Recover your Roof?

When your commercial roof starts leaking, it’s time to consider whether you need to replace or recover your roof. In this installment of our commercial roofing FAQ series, we look at the differences between roof replacement and roof recovery and give commercial building owners some helpful questions to ask their commercial roofing contractors. Q: What […]

Commercial Roofing FAQs: When is it Time to Replace Your Roof?

Knowing if and when to replace your commercial roof can be a challenge for building owners and property managers. Most commercial roofs have a lifespan of 15-25 years. However, this lifespan can sometimes be shortened by weather damage, improper installation, or lack of maintenance. Eventually, every commercial building will require a roof replacement. At Maxwell […]

Pitch-Perfect Insights: Maxwell’s Top Commercial Roofing Posts from 2023

As the year draws to a close and we’re sealing up another chapter, we also recognize the value of doing one final inspection. That’s why we’re looking back at some of the most popular insights and articles that defined our journey through 2023. From navigating the most common commercial roofing questions to offering seasonal tips […]

Commercial Roof Terminology 101

As in any industry, roofers like to throw around specific terminology when they talk about their craft. Because roofing is so complex and specialized, roofers need to use this language, but it can be difficult for customers that are unfamiliar with the industry to understand. Before you start working with a roofing company, it’s good […]

Common Questions About Commercial Roof Construction

Commercial roof construction can be intimidating for a business that hasn’t dealt with a major project on their building before. The process naturally brings up many questions. What happens if the roof isn’t well-made? How do you know if you’re getting the best deal? What does it mean for the future of your business?  Here […]

Understanding the Connection Between Insulation & Commercial Roofing

Everyone knows that a roof keeps buildings dry, but many might not realize the role roofs play in keeping a building warm. Insulation is a critical part of any roofing system, but the bigger the building, the more susceptible it is to temperature change. This is what makes proper insulation so important for commercial buildings […]

Skylight Replacement Tips for Commercial Properties

Skylights offer unique benefits for commercial buildings. They bring in natural light and improve conditions for people who spend their days inside. But, skylights are complicated roof penetrations that require careful installation and maintenance. Older skylights and skylights that were not properly installed can cause roof damage and may need to be replaced. When to […]

What to Expect During a Commercial Roof Inspection

Commercial roofs can be complicated structures, and even when they are well constructed, they can develop hidden problems over time. Regular inspections are critical for extending the life of a roof and preventing roofing disasters, which is why it’s important to find a roofing partner that makes inspections and reporting a key part of the […]

How to Know When It’s Time for a Roof Replacement

It’s a surprise no one likes. It’s more than added stress, noise, and disruption. It’s a five- (or six) figure check for a new roof. Like taxes, roof replacements can’t be avoided. No matter how good you treat your roof, you’ll have to replace it eventually. However, it’s possible to plan for a roof replacement […]